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25 Ideas on How to Keep Warm this Winter

Posted by Mike Phipps on October 29, 2022

With the soaring cost of energy bills, heating your home has become a real worry for many people this season.

A great big, purple number 25 is on a fiery background. Some words are below the number 25, and the whole caption/panel reads –  25 ideas on how to keep warm this winter – click here

As well as making yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, putting on a pair of thick socks, or making more of an effort to stay active, Ability Superstore has put together 25 cost-effective ways to help you keep warm in your home, such as using ambient heat and energy efficient heated blankets – even a fleece-lined wheelchair cosy which can be used by anyone to help beat the chill.

Frosty Pattern on glass over a dark winter scene

25 Top Tips from Ability Superstore

Idea 1 – Bring Me Sunshine  

Sunlight streaming through your windows will warm the rooms in your home. Remember to close the curtains as the sun starts to go down, as this will help trap the heat in your room and stop cold air invading.

Idea 2 – When Two is Better than One

On the topic of windows and curtains, did you know that using thick curtains will help to insulate your home? You can even hang two pairs of curtains on the same curtain hooks to insulate your home even more. If you don't have a second pair of curtains, you can hang a blanket up instead behind the curtains for the same effect. Why not give this a try around your whole house?

Idea 3 – Shut that Door!

Did you know that the simple act of keeping doors closed can work to help keep the heat in your home? It stops cold air from whistling round the house and helps to keep heat in a room.

Idea 4 – Fake it to Make it

If your windows aren't double glazed, you can buy something called 'secondary seasonal glazing film' to act as temporary double glazing. This material works by sticking to your window frames. You simply stick it down and heat it up with a hair dryer, creating a draught-proof seal.

A rustic wooden sash window with ice patterns on the glass. There is a wintery landscape outside, and everything is covered in snow.

Idea 5 – Exclude that Draught

You can use draught excluders to draught proof all your doorways, keeping your home insulated from the cold over long periods of time.

If you're particularly crafty, you could even have a go at making your own draught excluder. You can make a really simple one by cutting the leg off an old pair of trousers, or the arms from a jumper, filling them with cheap stuffing and something to weight it down (like dried peas/beans or even gravel) and sewing the ends up.

We've included instructions for you to make your own DIY draught excluder; you can find this below…

How to make a draught excluder | Craft | The Guardian

Idea 6 – Let the Water Sit

After you've had a hot bath, let the water sit in the tub until it reaches room temperature and remember to turn off the bathroom fan. By doing this, you are heating your bathroom and also increasing your home's humidity, which in turn makes it feel warmer. 

Idea 7 – Ambient Heat

If you have used the oven to cook something, you can leave the oven door open once you've finished. You can also do the same with your dishwasher and tumble drier, which releases warm air into the room. Please make sure that if you do decide to do this that any small children or pets are not in danger of getting too close.

Idea 8 – Long, Slow and Delicious 

An image of a hearty stew, with a plethora of ingredients surrounding the stew pot.

Eating warming foods may seem obvious, but the simple act of simmering a stew over a long period of time releases a lot of ambient heat into your home. 

Idea 9 – Complex Carbs

We often feel hungrier in the cold due to our bodies needing energy to keep us warm, so eating things like oatmeal, starchy vegetables and lots of carbs will help keep your body warm. 

Idea 10 – Ground Cover

Another economical tip is to use lots of rugs and floor coverings. You can often pick up rugs for a good price at charity shops, and some carpet fitters will let you take any offcuts that they have no use for. This will stop draughts from whistling up between floorboards, and also add some insulation to your home.

Idea 11 – Put it in Reverse

If you have a ceiling fan, putting it on reverse to send any rising heat back down toward you is a handy tip.

A ceiling fan is designed to run anti-clockwise, so setting it to run in a clockwise direction will push hot air down. This is especially useful if you have an open fire, space heater or a log burning stove.

Idea 12 – Reflect on This

Something else you can try is to reflect heat from your radiators back into the room. You can do this by cutting a piece of cardboard to size and covering it with aluminium foil. Once you've done this, slide the piece of aluminium foil covered cardboard between your radiator and the wall to reflect the heat back into the room instead of losing heat through the walls.

Idea 13 – Bundle Up

A kitten and puppy cuddled up in bed on a woolly tartan blanket. They look warm and cosy.

One of the simplest things you can do is layer up. If you find yourself feeling cold, putting another jumper on can really help you to feel warm.

It might seem silly to wear a hat indoors, but it can really help you to maintain body heat so you don't feel the cold as much.

Idea 14 – Bedroom Layers

Another way that you can feel the benefits of layering is by adding throws and extra blankets onto your bed. You can often pick up duvets and blankets quite cheaply – a worthy investment to keep you warm and toasty all night long.

Idea 15 – It's Time for Some Flannel!

A great addition to any bed in winter is a good set of flannel or brushed cotton sheets. This material feels so much warmer and cosier than standard bedding, and it helps to prevent heat loss. Plus, you won't have to warm the room up beforehand, so it saves on heating costs.

Idea 16 – Wrap it Up

Although this tip won't help you stay warm, it will make sure you're not losing any heating, which could you save you some money.

If your house has a hot water cylinder, then wrapping it with an insulating jacket will stop heat from escaping. If you look around, you can find insulating jackets for a value price. These jackets are safety rated and approved, and they can save you money by making your water heating system much more efficient. By insulating them, you're reducing the amount of heat they lose and saving yourself some money at the same time.

Idea 17 – Keep it Out!

If you have an open fire, you may notice that when it isn't being used to keep your house warm, it lets in draughts. You can block the flue cheaply by using a bin bag filled with newspaper – do remember to remove this before lighting the fire though!

Or you can buy all different sizes of 'chimney sheeps' to put up the chimney and stop cold air from invading your home throughout the day and night.

Idea 18 – All Night Long

A really simple idea is to use a hot water bottle or microwaveable heat bag to heat your bed up before you get in. Whilst you're washing up after eating your evening meal, you can fill some hot water bottles at the same time. You can either slip them between your sheets to preheat your bed, or you can hold it in your lap so that you're warm and cosy.

Idea 19 – Are you Eligible?

It is important not to miss out on any benefits that could help you stay warm. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to receive the Winter Fuel or Cold Weather Payments. Please visit gov.UK/winter-fuel-payment or call 03459 15 15 15 to see if you can get these.

Idea 20 – Keep On Moving!

Sitting still actually worsens body heat loss, so getting up and moving around is a good way to generate some heat for yourself. You could do some quick cleaning, take your pets for a walk, make yourself a hot drink, or take a stroll around your house, or the room.

Idea 21  Cuddle Up

Sharing heat is a good way to raise your body temperature. Cuddle up on the couch with your spouse, kids, or pets to stay warm. It's like having a family of hot water bottles.

A photo of a red ceramic mug full of mulled wine resting on a green blanket. There are two citrus wedges and star anise in the mulled drink, a spice associated with winter in the UK.

Idea 22 – Pre-heat Clothes

Waking up to cold air in the winter can be unpleasant, so why not preheat your clothes prior to putting them on in the morning to make getting dressed a warming experience.

You can either put your clothes in a cupboard near the boiler the night before or hang them over a functioning radiator. When you put the warm clothes on, it will feel very snug.

Idea 24 – Heat Block

If your couch is in front of the radiator, then it's stopping the heat warming up the room. 

By simply moving it away from the radiator, the heat will warm your room up instead of the sofa.

Idea 25 – Book It!

Did you know that placing book shelves against your exterior walls can actually work to keep your house warm? It insulates your exterior walls to prevent heat loss by blocking heat from escaping.

If you're still looking for ways to keep yourself snug as a bug throughout the colder weather, we've got some fantastic and economical products for you to check out below: 

The Lifemax Far Infrared Heated Lap Blanket

The Lifemax Far Infrared Heated Lap Blanket is energy-efficient, so you don't need to worry about excessive energy use, as it only uses 12w of energy per hour. This energy efficient heating system is ideal for saving money as well as for staying warm this season.

An image of the Lifemax Far Infrared Heated Lap Blanket that can be found on the Ability Superstore website. It is made of grey fleece for extra cosiness.

The Lifemax Far Infrared Heated Lap Blanket provides heat to keep you warm at home or in your vehicle. The blanket is soft and comfortable and has several heat settings.

The Far Infrared technology that is used to generate heat in this electric blanket has been shown to improve circulation, reduce muscle pain and help rebuild damaged tissue.

This lap blanket is made from soft fleece, which is especially gentle on sensitive skin and is made to stay warm. The fleece material also prevents heat loss and helps you to feel warmer.

Keeping your body warm is often a great source of pain relief.

The Lifemax Heated Lap Blanket is easy to fold for convenient portability. 

This luxurious heated mobility aid makes a wonderful gift for a loved one and looks good in your house or vehicle thanks to its grey fleece finish.

Microwavable Slippers and Neck Warmer Set

In the midst of winter, feet and hands are normally the first to feel the cold. Why not try out our microwaveable slippers and neck warmer to help keep you snug?

If you looked up 'cosy' and 'staying warm' in the dictionary they would show a picture of these Microwavable Slippers and Neck Warmer Set!

The heated boots are ideal for keeping your feet warm no matter how harsh the winter weather. Ideal for anyone wanting to relax tense muscles and soothe any aches and pains, simply microwave to generate heat.

A photo of a microwaveable neck warmer and slipper boots set that you can find on Ability Superstore.

The neck warmer can be hung around your shoulders to heat your neck and upper back, or you can just as easily use it to keep your hands warm.

The slipper boots and neck warmer are soft and will mould around your feet and neck, providing heat where you need it. A truly versatile heating system.

Both products are designed to be heated in a microwave and stay warm for a long time.

Comfortable and toasty, this is an ideal present for anyone trying to stay warm in winter.

Wool and Fleece Blankets

Ability Superstore stocks a large range of blankets to keep you properly insulated. Whether you’re interested in wool or fleece, we’ve got you covered!

This Wool Blanket will keep you warm and cosy in cold weather. Made from 100% wool, this blanket is both a practical and stylish daily living aid. Wool is a fantastic natural insulator which prevents heat loss, even in the cold.


A picture of a wool blanket that's available for sale on the Ability Superstore website

The attractive tartan pattern and the frayed edges on this Wool Blanket give it a country look that will look good in your home. It can be used as a picnic blanket in summer to provide a soft, warm surface on dry ground or it can be used as a throw on your bed.

This wool blanket is also suitable for covering chairs and sofas to protect your furniture as a throw blanket. The classic design on this wool blanket makes it suitable for any location, and it can be machine washed at 20 degrees for convenience and energy efficiency.

Heated Foot Warmer with Massage Options

As we mentioned earlier, the quickest way we lose body heat is through the extremities (cold hands and cold feet).

The Heated Massage Foot Warmer mobility aid features two powerful motors, with a separate heat control so you can choose your desired temperature. An ideal gift for keeping your feet warm whilst also enjoying a relaxing foot massage.

This heated massaging foot warmer can be found on the Ability Superstore website. It is fleece lined and has multiple settings.

The soft, machine-washable fleece lining sits on top of a Massage Foot Warmer heating pad. As the heat rises, the fleece lining helps to circulate warm air to reduce heat loss. The fleece lining is also treated to prevent lingering foot odour and can be washed on a low temperature, so it’s really energy efficient. 

The micro-suede exterior material is a stylish and modern design touch, and the Heated Foot Warmer can accommodate up to a size 12 foot. To ease cold, tired, or aching feet, the handheld controller adjusts both heat and massage to suit your personal preference.

Fleece Lined Leg Cosy

The Fleece Lined Leg Cosy is purpose built to protect you from colder temperatures. The thoughtful design means you can get in and out of the Leg Cosy with ease, even with your gloves on, thanks to the extra-large ring-pull zip.

This leg cosy is built for lounging in. Whether you’re working from home or watching TV, you can count on the Fleece Lined Leg Cosy to keep you warm and insulated. This Cosy also comes in two sizes, regular and extra-long to keep you warm in the colder months.

The fleece lined leg cosy comes in a choice of cream or blue fleece lining. It has a waterproof outer. Here, a woman is wearing one whilst sat on the couch, drinking a cup of tea.

The fleece lining works to insulate you by circulating warm air around your body. This helps to maintain body heat so that you can stay warm no matter the temperature outside. The thoughtful design of the Fleece Lined Leg Cosy means that you can stay warm in winter no matter whether you're sat at a desk, lounging at home, or cuddling up with your family on the couch.

We also have a wheelchair version, called the Deluxe Wheely Cosy, that keeps you warm and dry in wet weather, even when it's really cold and blustery.

Sleeved Fleece Blanket

A blanket you can wear! The latest addition to our website is the Sleeved Fleece Blanket. This daily living aid is made for people who would like an extra layer for warmth without the weight.

You'll be comfy and snuggly no matter what you’re doing thanks to the oversized sleeves on this Sleeved Fleece Blanket, whether you're working from home, lounging, or snacking.

It's also perfect for keeping passengers warm and comfortable during long trips in the car, at sleepovers and even when camping.

In this photo, a woman is wearing the blue sleeved fleece blanket. She is drinking a hot drink and looks very cosy and warm.

In addition to being suitable for year-round use, this lightweight Sleeved Fleece Blanket is economical. Those who experience leg discomfort when using heavier blankets may also benefit from this blanket's lightweight fleece composition.

The Sleeved Fleece Blanket is the perfect size for adults and older children and is easy to clean by machine. It's also anti-pilling on both sides, so it'll look and feel like new for longer. An ideal blanket for keeping warm over the colder months.

We hope you've found our 25 Ability Superstore ideas useful and that you've found lots of different ways to keep warm this winter without having to switch on the heating.