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How to Choose and Use Your Easi-Grip® Scissors

Posted by Mike Phipps on November 9, 2022

Peta (UK) Ltd is a second-generation family business committed to the design and distribution of high-quality, attractive hand-held products for use by those with grip difficulties.

Having designed the first “loop” scissor in the early 1970s, Peta’s founder consulted closely with Occupational Therapists to gain a deep understanding of the different issues encountered by those with various grip limited conditions; this knowledge was applied to develop the world’s widest range of adapted scissors.

To continue to enable independence, the company has since designed Easi-Grip® nailcare, garden tools, kitchen knives and a food preparation board which all combine ergonomics with aesthetics to provide stylish solutions to day-to-day problems. 

Genny Crockett is the Managing Director of Peta (UK) Ltd and she's written this really handy blog about the different types of scissors Peta manufacture.

If you have any questions about this range of scissors, or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call us (free) on this number – 0800 255 0498, or you can send us a message via our Contact Us form, which you'll find here.

All of the different types of scissors that are produced by Peta (UK) Ltd

"So frequently we reach for a pair of scissors, not only are they an essential tool for day-to-day life, but they are also needed for fun activities such as craftwork and present wrapping or to manage essential areas of personal care, so it is important to make the right choice when choosing which ones to use.

Peta Easi-Grip® have been designing and manufacturing adapted scissors since the early 1970s so we think we know a thing or two and we’re happy to share our knowledge.

Here are a few important things to consider to help make a good purchasing decision:

Are the Scissors Fit for the Intended Purpose?

General household scissors and children’s scissors are designed to cut paper or card and open lightweight packaging. Although some may cut craft materials this should not be relied upon unless stated by the manufacturer.

Are the Scissors for a Right or Left-handed Person?

You may see scissors advertised as such but there is no such thing as “AMBIDEXTROUS” scissors!

It is true that, when new, a pair of right-handed scissors with good riveting may cut successfully in the left hand but, over time, the stress on the riveting will render a short life-span for the scissors and discomfort for the person using them who will try to compensate by gripping the scissors too tightly.

When using right-handed scissors in the left hand, the bias of the grip results in the blades being pushed apart rather than together, consequently, the paper slips in between the blades, resulting in a tear rather than a cut.

A pair of Long Loop Easy-Grip Scissors with green handles

Furthermore, the cutting line is obscured making it impossible to cut with any degree of accuracy. Therefore, the left-hander should always seek out genuine left-handed scissors. These are easily identified in the Peta Easi-Grip® range by green handles and with LEFTY stamped on the blade.

Scissor Safety – Are the Blades of the Scissors Appropriate for the Person Using Them?

This is not necessarily age dependent. Although often considered when purchasing scissors for children, it is equally as important for adults who may have conditions which cause muscle spasms, or other involuntary movements, which could result in a person putting themselves, or those around them, in danger.

All Peta Easi-Grip® scissors are available with genuine left or right-hand blades and in two sizes – a short round ended blade for people who need a safer option, or a longer pointed blade for people who have controlled movements and well developed cutting skills. Additionally, all self-opening scissors are supplied with a blade guard for safe storage.

The Easi Grip Scissors that can be found on the Ability Superstore website

Easi-Grip® Scissors

Easi-Grip® scissors are light-weight self-opening scissors which require remarkably little effort to use. Originally developed for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which can cause significant deformity of the hand thereby rendering it impossible to use conventional-style scissors due to the restrictions of the finger loops. The scissors can be used between thumb and fingers, or palm of the hand, and are equally as beneficial for those who struggle with strength and energy to complete cutting tasks.

A pair of Mini Easi-Grip ® Scissors

Mini Easi-Grip ® Scissors

These scissors are ideal for Early Years scissor skills development as children can concentrate on lining up the scissor blades with the cutting line and not worry about finger placement or having to open and close the scissors. The simple squeezing action makes cutting so much simpler.

A pair of Long-loop Easi-Grip® Scissors

Long-loop Easi-Grip® Scissors

Some people find Easi-Grip® Scissors difficult to use as they can move around in the hand, for these people, the solution is the Long-Loop Easi-Grip® scissor which has a hard long loop handle incorporated. This accommodates the middle, ring and little fingers in the long loop whilst the index finger sits outside the loop to provide guidance and control.

Alternatively, for those with very restricted movement, the hand can be placed outside of the handle thereby requiring very little effort to squeeze and close the blades for the cutting task.

A pair of Table-top Easi-Grip® Scissors

Table-top Scissors

For those with extremely limited dexterity, a table-top style scissor can be the solution. 

These have a stable base with non-slip feet and a large “T” shaped handle which is simply pushed downwards to close the blades. A discreet spring reopens the blades when the downwards pressure stops.

For those who rely on the use of predominantly one hand, it is recommended to use the more dextrous hand to manipulate the paper whilst the more affected hand simply pushes on the handle.

Available with a plastic base for stability yet still light for portability or with a wooden base for maximum stability. All are supplied in a handy PVC zip case.

Two pairs of Long Reach Easi-Grip® Toe Nail Scissors

Long Reach Easi-Grip® Toe Nail Scissors

For those with stiffness or back pain, reaching to cut toe nails is a difficulty, yet individuals often prefer to retain their independence for this essential area of personal care.

Long Reach Toe Nail Scissors can be the solution. There are many styles available with extended shanks with an angled cutting head for a comfortable cutting position. A serrated blade assists the process by gripping the nail being cut. Peta Easi-Grip® Long Reach Toe Nail scissors offer two options:

  • Our original Long Reach Toe Nail Scissor used the extended loop handle which has been used on our existing range of scissors primarily developed for use by children. These accommodate middle, ring and little fingers in the long loop whilst the index finger is used to provide guidance and control. This offers an improved grip from standard thin metal ring loops.
  • Listening to customer feedback, in 2014 we introduced a superior product to our original Long Reach Toe Nail cutter, which has a greatly improved ergonomically styled handle which follows the contours of the hand and incorporates a “soft-feel” finger contact area for ultimate comfort and control.

A pair of Self-opening Kitchen Shears

Self-opening Kitchen Shears

A good pair of kitchen shears can bring ease to many tasks in the kitchen: opening packaging, snipping herbs or even cutting pizza. Features incorporated are a large comfortable ergonomic handle which allows the strength of the whole hand to be used, a serrated blade for gripping the item being cut, a spring to automatically reopen the blades after each cut and a safety catch to keep the scissors closed when not in use.

So now you are all clued up about Easi-Grip® Scissors – happy cutting!"