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How To Measure For A Raised Toilet Seat

Posted by Mike Phipps on December 10, 2018

A woman standing in a bathroom – she is holding a towel


Need a raised toilet seat but not sure what height you require?

Follow our simple guide below on how to measure for a raised toilet seat. This 3 step guide finds you the ideal height raise that you will need for your new toilet seat. 

Raised toilet seats tend to come in three standard sizes, 2", 4" and 6". If the toilet seat is too low, the legs are bent and the knees are not level with the hips – this can cause an uncomfortable posture if the user has difficulty sitting and rising.

1. Firstly, measure the distance from the floor and just above the back of the knee. 


2.  Next, you need to measure the current height of the toilet seat from the floor upwards.


Choosing a raised toilet seat part 2

3. Finally, you need to subtract the measurement of the height of the toilet from the measurement of the user's leg. The difference between the two of them is the height of the raised toilet seat that is required.

Choosing a raised toilet seat part 3

    Once you have figured out the correct height of toilet seat that you need, the next bit is deciding which style would be best suited. We stock a lot of different styles of raised toilet seats and it can seem like a lot to choose from, however, we have developed a simple guide that will help you choose the right one for you.

    Padded seats

    If you’re looking for that bit of extra comfort in your seat, especially if the user is vulnerable to pressure sores or has arthritis, then a padded raised seat might be for you. Our padded seat (34060) has simple hook and loop attachments, meaning it is easy to take off and can be transported. For something more luxurious, then the Harley Raiser (50506) is for you. All padded seats are very easy to clean with soapy water and disinfectant.

    Regular seats

    A regular raised toilet seat usually means that the pan is oval shaped like a standard seat, it just offers that bit of a raise for individuals that need support when sitting and standing. If extra features like a lid or a seat with arms are what you need, then the Serenity (60391) and the Etac Hi-Loo (30745) would be suitable. The Serenity comes in 3 sizes with optional lid and the Hi-Loo features support arms and a lid, with 2 sizes and even an angled seat option. For a standard raised seat that is also dementia friendly, our coloured toilet seats (37383) are best. 

    Contoured seats

    This type of raised seat has been designed with a gentle contour for extra comfort while keeping its strength and durability. The contoured sections at the front and rear of the seats allow easier access for personal hygiene and cleansing. Our Savanah (30754) is resistant to stains and odours while the Viscount is made from high-quality ABS recyclable plastic and also comes with a convenient lid. 

    Clip-on seats

    If you need a more portable seat that is easy to clip on and off, the Novelle (34387) has no brackets and fits onto the existing seat rather than the bowl, making it convenient for use when travelling. A contract seat such as the Ashby (30731) is ideal for use in more public places like NHS hospitals and care homes, as the seat is fully sealed underneath, which makes it easier to clean and reduces cross-infection as there is no hollow underside.