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Never Forget Your Medication With Daily, Weekly And Monthly Pill Organisers

Posted by Martin Hewitt on November 27, 2020

A composite picture with lots of different pill organisers – daily, weekly, monthly and travel options

According to science, people process 34 gigabytes, or around 100,000 words, each day! And that’s just in our leisure time!


With so much information to remember, it’s no wonder we often forget some day-to-day tasks, which is why this mobility aid – the little old pill organiser – is under the spotlight in this blog.


Remember the Filofax?
In the 1980s and 90s, when laptops weren’t as lightweight as they are now, and before the advent of the tablet, the Filofax was an extremely popular product for those with busy lives, either in business, or organising kids, family life etc.


So, think of a pill organiser as a Filofax! There are lots of different designs and colours, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They are an ideal piece of kit for those who regularly take medication. Many of them are portable enough to slip into a pocket or bag to take when out and about.


Many long term medical conditions require several types of medication and, remembering the order to take them in, and the quantity, can be challenging, especially when you first start taking pills to manage a condition.


Now consider the complications for those who are visually impaired, or colour blind.


Some pill organisers are multi-coloured or include braille symbols, making it easier to ensure that the right tablets are taken at the correct time of day.


What kind of pill organisers are available?
As the names suggest, daily, weekly and monthly pill organisers can be divided into three types. If you have a daily rota for medicine, then you should opt for a Week Pill Dispenser. You’ll find each day divided into morning, noon, evening and bedtime. This allows for different tablets to be placed in their relevant time slot. There’s also a 7 Day, Twice A Day dispenser, which is ideal if you only need to take medication twice each day — just like this Deluxe AM/PM Week Day Pill Dispenser.


The colourful One Month Pill Organiser is great if you want to sort your tablets out for the month ahead. Each day of the month is split into AM (morning) and PM (afternoon/evening). The colour-coding helps to keep you on track with regular visual cues confirming where you are in the month – also a visual reminder of when you may require a repeat prescription to be ordered. A similar colour system is used in the design of this Week Day Multi Pill Dispenser. 


All these products are suitable for people who can administer their own medication. For those who find it challenging to keep track of the days, it might be a better idea to look at a Daily Pill Box Organiser. This only allows each daily container to be removed when the current day in the stack has been removed. This Stacked Weekday Pill Dispenser works in a similar way.


Daily, weekly and monthly pill organisers on the go
Ability Superstore also stocks a range of daily, weekly and monthly pill organisers for travel. This Pill Dispenser Bag or the Medinizer Pill Organiser are two examples of large-capacity medicine dispensers that can easily be packed up and taken with you wherever you go. Meanwhile, this Keyring Pillbox is perfect for keeping with you, on your keys, and popping in a couple of pills which will be required for that day.


Using pill cutters with pill organisers
It may be a case that medication needs to be taken in parts. For example, 1/2 a tablet in the morning, the second 1/2 in the evening. Or, like many of us, you might simply struggle to swallow larger tablets in one go. Chopping up pills isn’t easy – they can be dense and tough enough to make their small size feel like concrete!


Pill cutters are really useful in helping you split down tablets. This 3in1 Pill Cutter and Store even has space to keep tablets if you don’t need to take them immediately. On the other hand, this Homecraft Pill Splitter is specifically designed for more awkward shaped and larger-sized tablets. And our Ultra Pill Splitter is best for those who have difficulty with grip, for example, if you suffer from arthritis.


If you struggle to swallow even smaller sized pills, you may prefer to try a Pill Crusher. This clever little gadget crushes most pills to powder, making it easier to take in a glass of water (obviously not suitable to be used with pills which are a gel-like consistency!).


Using daily, weekly and monthly pill organisers safely
It’s vital to be clear on what daily, weekly and monthly pill organisers are for, in terms of safe practice. Before starting to use these products, we recommend talking with a healthcare professional or doctor about your specific circumstances. They will be able to advise you on the most suitable for your particular needs.


Pill organisers are one of the most popular mobility aid we sell – why not take a look at our ever-growing range here?