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Washable Chair Protector Pads

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Incontinence problems can be extremely difficult to tackle, as it is such a sensitive issue. For individuals who have an impaired ability to control their bladder, it can be embarrassing and costly to keep washing chairs. For this reason, we can present this series of washable chair protector pads.

They are simply placed on the user's chair, offering a comfortable sitting surface. The user simply has to sit on top of the chair protectors, and if there is a leak, the chair protector does the rest. It has an extraordinary quality in that it may absorb up to 1 litre of fluid.

The backing of the chair protector has been lined with a waterproof fabric, protecting your chair from any fluids that may spill. Waterproof pads will protect your chair from damage, which means that expensive and hard to carry out fabric cleaning does not have to occur. It may be used on car seats, armchairs or even wheelchairs. The great value waterproof backed chair pads can simply be placed in the washing machine after use, ready for another use.

They are washing machine safe up to 95*C. A dignified way of protecting chairs from damage caused by incontinence As they fold up, these portable waterproof chair covers can be used in the home, in car seats or in wheelchairs These protectors have the ability to absorb 1litre of fluid The reusable protectors are machine washable at 95 degrees C

Available in a choice of four colours: Blue, Brown, Green or Burgundy

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