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Versa Form Positioning Half Mattress

Product Code: 37639

£445.00 inc VAT

Versa Form pillows provide customised, semi-permanent positioning, when standard positioners wont do or when temporary positioning is needed. Pillows are filled with small polystyrene beads which mould to the individuals body shape when air is extracted. When the valve is released, allowing air into the pillow, Versa Form regains its flexibility and is ready to be shaped again. Forms a firm support for all parts of the body uniformly, reducing the risk of pressure points. Can be used to accommodate structural deformities and help control posture. Retain their shape for up to one month. They can be used for a wheelchair seat and back positioning, in bed positioning and extremity positioning. Easily shaped and reshaped in seconds, the density and firmness can be effortlessly moulded. The durable, polyvinyl shell is easy to clean and disinfect for multiple client use. This listing is for the half mattress pillow

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