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Unbreakable Teaspoons - Pack of 10

Product Code: 31674v

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This handy product is perfect for kids and adults alike! Constructed from tough nylon material, the spoon is durable enough to be used by individuals with strong bite reflexes whilst still staying supportive and kind to the user's lips and teeth. Despite the tough construction, this utensil can be customised to suit every user's needs by simply cutting them to shape with scissors and smoothing the edges with an emery board, so the spoon can be adjusted specifically for each user.

For maintaining good hygiene, the spoon can be washed in a dishwasher up to 80˚C and can also be sterilised to banish any germs. Available as teaspoons, the unbreakable spoon comes in a pack of 10 so there is always a spoon handy, even if the others are in the wash.

The sleek and subtle design of the spoon allows it to naturally blend into any kitchen environment, whilst the ergonomic handle enables the user to establish a firm and secure grip on the utensil to prevent the risk of spills. In addition, the design is also suitable for users with arthritis or other joint problems, as the utensil is easy to hold and maintain a safe grip. Tough nylon material is durable enough to be used by users with strong bite reflexes.

Can be customised by cutting to shape with scissors.

Dishwasher safe up to 80˚C.

Comes in a pack of 10. 

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