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Trotter Positioning Chair Accessories

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£30.83 exc VAT

  • The black nylon Headrest Extension is width and height adjustable
  • It provides additional head support for taller users
  • Can be used on bus transit models to help prevent head whiplash during rear end collision
  • The Padded Headrest Wing is height adjustable, providing lateral support for the head
  • The zippered Utility Bag hooks onto the back of the Trotter mobility chair
  • The Upper Extremity Support Tray features a safety lip and is easy to clean
  • The tray provides trunk stabilization and is useful for feeding
  • The adjustable Full Torso Vest provides support and maintains proper body posture and alignment. It replaces the “H” Harness
  • The height adjustable and removable Canopy provides protection from sun or rain and includes a clear flap-covered observation panel
  • The adjustable and removable Lateral Support & Scoli Strap provides lateral support. It can be pulled to one side for Scoliosis correction
  • The Foot & Ankle Positioner straps provide adjustable support and positioning
  • The four Bus Transit Tie-Downs allow the Trotter to be used for transit

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