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Tactile Vibration Sensory Tub

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£904.99 inc VAT

Contains items which offer contrasting experiences such as Warm-Cold, Soft-Hard, Smooth-Rough, Reflective-Absorbent and Round-Angular. Vibration items can be held or placed against the body. Comes in a wheeled tub with "Ideas of Use" manual. Tub Contents: 2 x Contrasting Tactile Trays, Vibrating Bumble Ball, Japanese Brush, Wiggly Worm, Vibrating Spider, Tactile Rhythm Pal, Pinpression, 8 Wheel Massager, Sheepskin, Zoompf Ball, 3 x Space Blankets, Cellulite Massager, Nobbly Wobbly, 4 x Geo Rattles, 2 x Masse Lady Birds, Dodeca Wiggly Giggly, 2 x Wheel Massager, Sensyball, Cherry Stone Neck Pillow, Koosh Ball, 2 x Furry Mittens, Smiling Flower, Groovy Skwish, Z Ball, 2 x Water Wigglers, Scooter the Dog, Vibrating Snakes, Spider Ball, Beady Buddy, Morpho Ball, Vibrating Pillow, Whizzler Ball, 2 x Smiley Faces, Brush and Smoothie, Hedgehog Ball. Tub: 800 x 390 x 300mm (31 x 15 x 12").

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