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Sinclair Long Handled Door Wedge

Product Code: 60411

£13.99 inc VAT

  • Can be stored on wheelchairs 
  • Also great for pram and pushchair users 
  • Totally portable 
  • 68.5cm length

This innovative item is a door wedge that is located on the end of a telescopic handle. What this means is that users may wedge a door without having to bend down to place or retrieve the wedge. This is ideal for users of wheelchairs because it keeps the door open as a wheelchair passes through, and the user is able to reach back and retrieve their wedge. It is completely portable, letting the user keep it in bags or pockets for when out and about. Users of prams and pushchairs can also benefit. There is a wrist strap by the handle which enables the wedge to be stored on wheelchairs or door handles through hanging. A magnet in the base of the wedge can assist users with picking up items such as dropped door keys.

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