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Rounded Blanket Cradle

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£19.99 exc VAT

Designed to avoid contact between bedding and injured or sensitive body parts, these compact bed cradles are available in three sizes, to suit a range of users. This bed cradle is ideal for helping to keep heavy blankets or duvets off of legs. This frame is simply placed in the bed and then the blankets are draped over the top.

The lightweight, yet sturdy frame will keep the duvet above the user, and therefore there will be not contact with the skin. By keeping the duvet off the skin, the chance of irritation is reduced.

This blanket cradle is small in size and does not take up a vast amount of room. It is lightweight and easy to move and store. It is useful for a wide range of people, those recovering from a leg operation, suffering from a rash, or after an intense exercise. This cradle is particularly useful for those who suffer from restless leg syndrome or pressure ulcers.


Medium: 54x32x32cm (21x13x13")

Large: 61x40x40cm (24x16x16")

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