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Prima White Pivot Grab Bar

Product Code: 60398

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  • Provides security in the home
  • Promotes independence
  • Install it at the user's choice of angle in order to meet their desired requirements
  • Comfortable and secure to hold on to
  • Available in a variety of sizes and will match most bathrooms

The pivot grab bar can adapt extremely well to each user's preference. Unlike other grab bars, it has an angle in the middle, so that the user can select the configuration they want, promoting independence in the home. The grab bar is extremely sturdy and comfortable in the palm, and can go anywhere in the home it is required. The installation is incredibly simple, and using it in the bathroom is not difficult, as selecting the two angles in a certain position makes this grab bar ideal for use when toileting. Ideal for leverage, support and safety wherever it is needed, this model comes in a white colour.

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