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Pamper Set

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This is a 15 piece Spa System that allows the user to wash easily without the need for bending, twisting or stretching. There are a wide array of interchangeable heads which facilitate the simple application of lotions and shower gels, ideal for reaching areas such as the feet, legs, ankles and back. The range of heads include a sponge, a loofah brush, a lotion applicator and a pumice stone, ideal for the many different aspects of personal hygiene. In order to ensure that items do not get lost, there comes included a storage bag. This neat vinyl zipped pouch can assist with the storage of the interchangeable heads, lotion pads and long reach folding handle. A concise 15 piece spa system An extended handle and a variety of brushes The heads are easy to swap depending on the cleaning task that is being carried out Heads include a loofah brush, lotion applicator, body sponge and pumice stone The kit comes with a handy storage bag to prevent items getting lost

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