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OXO Lemon Squeeze and Store

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£4.99 inc VAT

  • The flexible silicone can utilise lemons and limes of any size or shape 
  • Textures silicone for a non-slip grip
  • Filters out pulp and seeds 
  • Temporarily stores the fruit while cooking until next use required
  • Quick and easy changeover 

The OXO Lemon Squeeze and Store is made of flexible silicone that stretches to fit various sizes of halved lemons (or lime!) and provides a textured, non-slip grip for easy squeezing. The Squeeze & Store strains seeds and pulp while directing the lemon juice out of the holes and directly onto your salad, fish, cooking pan, water and more. When you’re done, the Squeeze & Store will hold the other half of your lemon, keeping it protected until the next time you need a splash of citrus.  

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