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Whether you're a sports fanatic or simply starting to feel the physical effects of a long day more than you used to, our brand new Necksaviour is about to revolutionise your approach to a whole range of symptoms. Spasms, stiffness, tension, pain "“ all of these can be a thing of the past with the Necksaviour. Its compact design precisely targets sensitive spots to gently stretch the neck and relieve discomfort in minutes. Use at home or on the go "“ the Necksaviour is the travel companion you've been waiting for. It can even be worked into your regular exercise routine; providing unrivalled stability and support in a variety of positions, Necksaviour has proven itself an absolute essential for dedicated Pilates and yoga practitioners. Gently supports the head and neck to relieve tension, spasms and general discomfort Compact and lightweight "“ great to take with you on the go Suitable for users of all ages Can also be used to relieve headaches and correct a misaligned spine Get creative with your Necksaviour "“ use in Pilates and yoga routines as an exercise aid

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