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Memory Boxes

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These cabinets have been designed to work as memory boxes, holding souvenirs, trinkets, photographs or whatever you would like to store. Memory Boxes are most effective when filled with a variety of items that are readily recognised and meaningful to the owner. They are especially useful in a care home setting. A thoughtfully assembled Memory Box serves both as a highly effective orientation tool for the owner and as a brilliant information resource for carers, enabling them to interact more meaningfully with residents. The use of Memory Boxes in care homes improves orientation and encourages increased levels of communication between carers, residents and their families.  A memory box designed to store treasured memories The glass pane protects the items from wear and tear The glass shelf ensures most of the mementos can be visible It is a conversation starter for new care home residents Available in a range of wood types Dimensions: Length: 400mm Width: 300mm Depth: 60mm

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