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Harley Pressure-Tex Mattress

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£314.99 exc VAT

This mattress has been crafted from a high density foam to help relieve pressure across the body and allow air to get to areas of pain or irritation. The 100% polyurethane foam is geometrically shaped into a unique nodular design, which allows each section to operate independently allowing maximum weight distribution. The nodular construction ensures excellent recovery and optimum comfort. The mattress is very supportive, however can still be manipulated, making it suitable for both profiling and standard beds. The foam allows air to circulate freely keeping skin cool and free from pressure areas. This reduces the incidence of bedsores, making it suitable for patients in medium / high risk categories (as advised by a medical practitioner). The mattress comes supplied with a zipped, quilted polyester cover for additional comfort. All mattresses are 15cm (6") deep. A foam mattress designed to assist users who are susceptible to bed care issues The cubic nodular foam spreads pressure evenly across the body It can help relieve aches and pains across the body, as well as reduce the chance of ulcers arising The installation is incredibly simple, just place it on a bed like a regular mattress Available in a range of different sizes and with a polyester cover for comfort Dimensions: Single: 91x190cm (35x75") Double: 137x190cm (54x75") King: 152x198cm (60x78") Super King: 183x198cm (72" x 78")

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