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Giant Print Playing Cards

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As we get older, it can become increasingly difficult to view certain items that are held close to us. It can be damaging to constantly squint our eyes so it is important that we are able to see things clearly. Some of the items that will be viewed close to us is a hand in a game of playing cards. Regular cards may be too small to see without running the risk of somebody else sneaking a peak. For this reason a set of large print playing cards have been developed. They come in the normal size of playing cards, but the imagery and text is much larger and in bold. Perfect for those with limited vision, who loves to play different card games with their friends. It is a standard 52 card deck, and comes with a handy cardboard box to keep them all together. The cards have a high quality construction which prevents the cards sticking together, making for easy play. A deck of playing cards which features giant text and imagery These bold digits will be much easier to see for those who experience difficulties relating to vision The cards have a plastic coating which prevents them from sticking together and makes them more durable This giant deck comes in a standard size, with 9cm x 6.5cm dimensions and 52 cards plus 2 jokers Easy to hold and use, these cards can allow users to have fun and come in a cardboard box to prevent cards getting lost Dimensions: Size: 9cm x 6.5cm. Weight: 100g

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