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Geemarc CL210A Big Button Phone with Answering Machine

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£73.00 inc VAT

The Geemarc CL210A is an easy to use large button telephone which is compatible with most hearing aids with a built in answering machine. One of the Geemarc CL210A's many features is the adjustable tone control which allows you to adjust the receiving pitch to customise it to your hearing loss. The phone also features a visual LED ringer indicator which will help alert you when the phone is ringing. The Geemarc CL210 is an ideal aid if you suffer from loss of sight or sound. The receiving volume is adjustable up to 40dB which makes hearing simple and the large buttons make this phone very easy to use. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Features - Receiving volume gain +40dB - Receiving tone gain +/- 10dB - Speech volume gain +/- 4dB - Visual ringer indicator - Big button keypad - Secure remote message retrieval feature (PIN code) - Adjustment of answering machine response time - Last number redial - Time break recall & mute - Wall Mountable - Hands free / Speakerphone - Outputs for a shaker, headset or CLHook - Hearing aid compatable for hearing aid wearers using the 'T' setting.

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