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Fleece Patterened Lumbar Rolls

Product Code: 34092d

£16.00 inc VAT

This is one of our best selling lumbar rolls! They provide support to the back and are available as either circular or D shaped - 4 inches in depth. The circular shape is best used in a padded or lounge type chair and are ideal for use in the home, office or car. The D shape is ideal for an office chair or similar. They help the user to ensure that they do not slouch encouraging the back to take its natural shape and thereby helping to reduce back pain and fatigue. The internal foam is of a medium density providing both support and durability in use. 11 inches in length. Supplied with a fixing strap to ensure that the roll does not move in use. Colours available: Photos 1 and 2: Picnic check Photo 3: Black watch tartan Photo 4: Royal Stewart tartan Photo 5: Lavender check

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