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Deluxe Wheely Cosy

Product Code:

£24.99 inc VAT

Deluxe Wheely Cosy Quick Facts:

  • Dryness and quality
  • Navy colour
  • Improved shape
  • Zipped front pocket
  • Front can be fully taken off

Stay warm in colder weather with the Deluxe Wheely Cosy. Wheelchair clothing is ideal for providing protection from the rain and wind. This deluxe cosy boasts an extremely warm quilted thermal fleece lining with a waterproof outer to protect against the rain. Pair with a wheelchair umbrella and clamp for the ultimate weather protection. With a new and improved shape, the cover fits better to your body and also features durable scuff guards to protect the foot area. The cosy is fitted with a zipped front pocket to keep your possessions secure but also doubles up as a quilted fleece hand warmer. The front can also be removed and stored away when not needed.  

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