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Coated spoons

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This range of coated spoons has an increased thickness of the bowl when compared to standard spoons, providing protection for the teeth and mouth. This can be beneficial for individuals who have issues relating to jaw spasms or a sensitive mouth. Typical metal cutlery can hurt if mishandled in the mouth. Another potential risk of using non-coated utensils is that of galvanic shock. For a person with metal fillings, this phenomenon occurs when another piece of metal comes into contact with the filling, resulting in an uncomfortable shock to the user. These coated pieces of cutlery remove that risk. A daily inspection of the cutlery is recommended in case of damage to the coating. These spoons are dishwasher safe but cold sanitation is recommended. Not recommended for heavy biters, as the coating may get too damaged. This is a range of spoons which have been coated for the user's benefit Covering the metal has a range of benefits to people with sensitive mouths It is advised to monitor the status of the coating frequently to prolong use Dishwasher safe but cold washing is recommended Choose from a teaspoon, small dessert spoon or soup spoon

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