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Clinitex Target Multi Surface Disinfection Spray - 1L

Product Code: 58261

£10.00 inc VAT

Clinitex Target Multi Surface Disinfection Spray - 1L - Features:

  • The usual effectiveness of wipes with the convenience of a trigger spray 
  • Ideal for cleaning larger areas
  • Alcohol and chlorine free
  • Non-tainting and fragrance free 
  • Perfect for areas of food prep 

Clinitex Target Multi Surface Disinfection Spray is designed for those who prefer the convenience of a trigger spray for cleaning of larger areas and is ready for use with no complex preparation of solutions, nor dilution of disinfectants required. The spray cleans and disinfects in one easy step and is alcohol and chlorine free. This handy spray is also non-tainting and fragrance free; ideal for areas where food is prepared or where cross-contamination may be an issue. Specifically designed to provide high level disinfection against a wide variety of micro-organisms, making it ideal for cleaning of hard surfaces and equipment, providing 99.99% effective protection. Economical 1 litre trigger spray for use within healthcare and clinical environments, work place, kitchens and wash rooms. The spray can be safely used on vinyl, leather, acrylic and other soft surfaces which could be damaged by the use of harsh chemicals. Cleans and disinfects Non-tainting Fragrance free Alcohol free 99.9% effective against germs

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