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Children's Turntable Rota Cushion

Product Code: 32274

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  • Diameter 280mm (11")
  • Swivel in a sitting position easily.
  • Children independently or with carer assistance
  • For older children and teenagers please see standard Rota Cushion.
The Children's Turntable Rota Cushion answers the problems of having to turn children in a sitting position. Just place it on the surface you want to turn around on and, sitting on it, let the cushion do the rest. This soft and comfortable cushion has a non-slip base and is absolutely perfect on dining room chairs, beds and sofas, and also to help the child get in and out of a car.

NB: Please check with your car insurance company that this product can be left underneath the child whilst the vehicle is in motion and the seatbelt fastened.

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