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Cerebra Sledge

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£418.80 exc VAT

The Cerebra sledge has been developed so that children who live with disabilities are not resided to the house when snow falls. Originally a bespoke piece for a girl in Scotland, this sledge has since helped many children have fun in the snow. So that children do not have to sit in the house when the other kids are having fun, the Cerebra sledge is suited for those with disabilities. Constructed from a high quality wood, this sledge will last for a long time. It features a fully supportive seat with adjustable straps for securing a child in place. There is a seatbelt built into the seat to ensure safety while being used. The low centre of gravity displayed by this chair means that it unlikely to tip over while moving, and the smooth runners will glide over the snow. Also incorporated in the design are armrests for comfort and to hold on to, as well as a place for the feet to remain dry. So that parents, friends or siblings can join in the fun too, there is a built in seat at the rear of the sledge. So that it is easier to bring the sledge back to the top of the hill, there is an inbuilt cord for pulling. A sledge that has been built so that children with disabilities do not miss out on the fun of snowfall The low centre of gravity and chair design will ensure that a child is held securely in the chair A beautifully crafted wooden sledge, there are armrests and footrests to remain dry and comfortable There is a built in seat on the rear of the chair enabling parents or siblings to join in and supervise from An inbuilt cord and smooth runners make pulling the sledge back up the hill no difficult task

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