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Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser White/orange 5 - 20kg

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£14.80 inc VAT

As we get older it becomes increasingly more important to stay fit and active. Some individuals may begin to develop a series of problems relating to hand movement. This Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser can let users build up muscle in their hands and improve their dexterity, no matter where they may be. The portable device is comfortable in the palm of the user, and requires the user to squeeze. When they squeeze the handle, the spring will provide resistance. This can be altered by simply twisting the white knob on the front of the device. By altering the tension to suit the user, the user can do a hand workout that is comfortable for them, and increase when they feel the muscle has built up. It may be used as part of rehabilitation after an injury, and can be continually adjusted as the user's grip strength increases. A portable Hand Grip exerciser which can assist with building up muscle strength The device sits comfortably in the palm of the user and utilises all of the right muscles Improving strength can assist with rehabilitation and dexterity within the hand Twisting the white knob alters the tension in the spring as part of resistance therapy The visible orange and white hand exerciser has a range of 5 to 20kg Weight: 250g (8.8oz)

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