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What is a stairlift?

A stairlift (previously called a chairlift or chair lift) is a useful addition to many people's homes providing easy access to upstairs when the stairs themselves become too much. A motorised seat which runs up and down a staircase on a rail or track. Stairlifts are usually powered by electricity and have a control over the actual stairlift itself which the person using the stairlift presses to operate. Stairlifts are available for both curved and straight staircases. Also for outside in some cases.

The majority of people who have a stairlift installed may have limited mobility to walk and may use a mobility aid to do so. Small walking aids, such as a walking stick or crutch, can easily be carried on the stair lift, however if a walking frame is used it will not be able to fit on the stairlift and so it may be best to have two walking frames - one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom.

Ability Superstore has a range of stairlifts available for both curved and straight stairs. To obtain a quote for a stairlift simply call us on 0161 85 00 884.