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Repose pressure care

Pressure care is an important role for carers looking after people who are in long term care or spend a lot of time sitting or in bed. The right treatment can help to ease the symptoms of pressure sores and the right care can help with prevention.

The Repose® range is manufactured from specialist thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) which is a multi-stretch, moisture vapour permeable material. This provides a non-allergenic, soft and smooth surface for the user which minimises friction, reduces shearing and subsequent skin tissue damage.

The one single air cell provides optimal pressure redistribution across the total area of contact with the body.

The risk of hypoxia and tissue damage is greatly reduced and the material is moisture vapour permeable which reduces the risk of maceration. The material stretches up to 6 times in every direction for optimum support and comfort for the user or patient.

The pump has a patented ‘smart valve’ technology which automatically closes when the internal pressure reaches 0.2psi. Frequent use has shown 0.2psi to be optimal for pressure redistribution and clinical efficacy.

We currently offer the Repose foot protectors, the Repose cushion and also the Repose mattress overlay.

The Repose foot protectors come as a pair and help to reduce the risk of pressure damage to heels. They are designed for use either in bed or with the feet elevated. The heels are supported above a void resulting in no pressure on the heel. The boots are supplied inside the Repose pump which automatically inflates to the correct pressure. Not suitable for use with feet/heels resting on the floor or when walking.

Recommended for use in static chairs the air-filled Repose cushion provides effective pressure redistribution and comfort. Includes two urethane membranes that offer multi-stretch and vapour permeability. Easy to clean, highly portable and securely packed inside a unique pump which enables it to be inflated to the correct pressure and ready for use within seconds. Approximate dimensions: 450 x 450 x 51mm (17.75 x17.75 x 2").