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NHS Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can offer independence and new lease of life if someone has limited mobility or a disability. Walking aids, daily living aids and health products can make the world of difference, making even the smallest of tasks easier again. 

We frequently undertake research with consumers up and down the country and they sometimes ask us advice about buying mobility aids.

Before the dawn of the Internet, choice was fairly limited to retail shops and a few companies supplying mobility aids through mail order via printed catalogues. However the internet has really given the customer a massive choice on where to buy mobility aids and there's lots of different websites offering a wide range of mobility aids and mobility equipment.

Shopping online is particularly useful for those with limited mobility and who may struggle to get out and about independently. Many mobility aids are quite large and bulky too, which may make it difficult to fit into the average size car, so delivery of your new mobility aid direct to your door makes it nice and easy.

When you're thinking about where to buy mobility aids, look around for a massive choice of thousands of mobility products and disability equipment, good value prices and great customer service too.