Funky Crutches

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These funky looking crutches make a great alternative to the dull, grey hospital crutches. Made from light weight aluminium, they are comfortable and easy to use.

Price is for 1 Crutch.


- Aluminium cane 22mm diameter
- Weight 0.594 kg or 1lb 5 oz
- Maximum user weight 150 kg or 330lbs
- Approved according to UNE EN ISO 11334-l
- Moulded left and right-handed designs
- Arm cuff measure from end to end 16 inches/41cms
- Crutch adjusts to fit a person 5’ (1m 52cms) to 6’4” (1m 93cms)
- Crutch at it’s shortest measures 89cms or 2’11”(to back of crutch)
- Crutch at it’s longest measures 126cms or 4’2”(to back of crutch)
- To adjust the height, pull off the little black clip on the main stem, then pull out the inner tubing to suit your height. The same applies to the clip between the grip and the cuff.
- Crutch separates into 3 parts to fit into a suitcase. Longest part is 26″ (66 cms)