Stairlifts - Straight, Curved & Compact Stairlifts

Most stairlifts are now both stylish and functional, unlike the early days when stairlift designs were often crude, bulky and not particularly comfortable! Thankfully, those types of stairlift have long since passed into history. The modern stairlift is quieter, cleaner and safer.

Today's stair lifts offer lots of different features such as infra red remote controls, rather than hard-wired or interference sensitive radio-controlled remotes. They can have seats that swivel at the top of the stairs and pressure sensitive surfaces that stop the lift if it comes into contact with anything on the staircase. Whether you have a straight staircase, curved or compact, we've got you covered with our fantastic range of stairlifts built for all types of homes.

Many models of stairlift come with a toggle switch or joystick control that is easier to use than fiddly buttons and some even have self-diagnostic systems that make service and troubleshooting easier for both the user and the technician.

Stairlfits are an essential investment but once you make the move you will not regret it, you'll find what was one of the hardest tasks in your home become one of the simplest thanks to our easy to use stairlifts. We know there's a lot of information surrounding stairlifts and it can get quite confusing, check out our guide 'What is a stairlift?' and if you need help, please feel free to contact us.