Chair raisers

Chair Raisers - sitting safely and comfortably

Our range of chair raisers are designed to easily raise the height of an existing chair in the home. Whether this is a temporary solution, or a more permanent way of increasing the height of your furniture, you’ll be sure everyone in the family can sit comfortably.

The chair raisers stocked at Ability Superstore are available in a range of colours and materials, making it easy to match your existing furniture.

If you need any advice on picking the right chair raiser for your needs, our team of specialist healthcare advisors are on hand to advise and help you to make your choice.

How to raise the height of a chair that is too low

Chair raisers are sold in packs of 4, and are placed under the legs of the chair or sofa and can be adjusted to the correct height for the user to sit and stand comfortably.

Most chair raisers can be used on both dining room chairs and armchairs depending on the shape of the chair leg. A larger sofa or an armchair with castors may require some additional parts.

How much do I need to raise my chair by?

It is vital to know just how much your existing chair needs to be raised. It is often suggested that an occupational therapist assess and suggest the correct height based on the mobility needs of the individual.