Disability aids

Disability aids are used by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. Disabled aids enable many disabled and elderly people live a more independent life.

The term disability aids covers a plethora of useful gadgets and products used in a variety of situations inside and outside of the home. In fact many of us will use one of these so-called disability aids at some point when we need a little extra help - such as using a grabber or reacher to get an item which has fallen down the back of a hard to move piece of furniture or to open a hard to open jar.

Disabled aids include thousands of products specifically designed to help with everyday tasks. They include aids for bathing, cooking, dressing, writing, reading, hearing, walking and so on - in fact think of almost any everyday activity or taks and there will be a so-called disability aid to help!

If you're not sure exactly what aid would help with a specific task then simply ask your local doctor's OT (or occupational therapist to most of us) or ring one of the thousands of companies which specialise in the area of mobility and disability aids. There's lot of free tips and advice available in your local library or on the Internet too!