Slings & accessories

Oxford Hoist and Sling Accessories, if you cannot see the accessory you are looking for, please ring us on 0844 358 1398 as not every Oxford part and accessory is listed here!

A sling is an item of moving and handling equipment that is used with a mechanical lift in order to facilitate the transfer of a patient. A sling comprises a specially designed and constructed piece of fabric that is placed under and around a patient before being attached to the cradle/spreader bar of a lift to raise, transfer and lower the patient. When selected and used correctly, a sling and lift will achieve a safer transfer, reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

Oxford Hoists and Slings are both flexible and adaptable to your patients immediate needs and their growing future needs. For example, the Mermaid Hoists that are manual can have the electric conversion pack fitted retrospectively.

Look out for new accessories being added to the Oxford family.