Bedroom Disability Aids Including Bed Rails & Bed Raisers

Make your bedroom an oasis of relaxation and comfort, with the help of our disability aids and mobility aids for the bedroom.
We all know the difference a good night’s sleep can make, and our range of specialist beds, mattresses, alarm clocks, bedding, bed protectors, bed sides, bed raisers, and bedside tables and trays have been specially designed to help you do just that.
We’ve also got plenty of solutions for sleeping and resting in comfort, from mattress protectors, enuresis alarms and bed wedges, to neck support cushions, knee cushions, v-shaped back support pillows, leg raisers, leg cushions and batwing pillows.
When you wake up, refreshed, you can turn to our daily living aids to help prepare for the day ahead. Check out our dressing section for zip pullers, dressing sticks, clothing clips, button hooks and other nifty dressing aids, and items to help with your hair, like long-handled brushes and combs and a hands-free hair dryer stand.

With thousands of products in this section, we have divided them into groups to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

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