Grab rails

Grab rails can make all the difference for anyone who needs some extra support and security when getting around, at home or outdoors – whether it’s in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, hall, stairs, porch or garden, or just for getting through doorways or in and out of the bath.
They can help you to move about safely and independently, and to avoid slips and falls. That’s why we stock such a big range of grab bars, bars and poles, in so many shapes and sizes.
Whether you’re after straight grab rails, angled grab rails, hinged grab rails, bath rails, shower rails, floor-mounted, non-slip or suction grab rails, or the latest newel curved rails and posts (left-handed or right-handed), we’re sure to have something that’s right for you.
And they come in all different lengths and styles. You can choose between brown, white, black or metallic finishes, and from steel, plastic or chrome coatings, to suit your style.
In fact the steel grab rails are available in virtually any colour you're looking for. Contact us for further details.
If you can’t see the one you’re after, or you’re looking for a specialist or made-to-order grab rail or pole, just let us know. We also provide custom-made grab rails to order! And we sell grab rail parts and accessories, like spare covering discs, brackets and end caps.