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Waterless Washing

Our range of waterless washing products offer a variety of alternatives to standard showering and bathing. These aids are ideal for those with health conditions, or limited mobility, or anyone confined to bed, where it would be a struggle to wash in a traditional way.

— 26 items in Waterless Washing —

Our waterless washing range is also perfect for use when camping and travelling, ensuring optimum personal hygiene for every circumstance.

Rinse-free Washing Solutions

Waterless washing solutions, such as rinse-free shampoo and conditioners, make it easy to keep hair clean and fresh from the comfort of the bed.

There are also bath-in-bed wipes that are an ideal way to stay fresh and clean and are made from a gentle, skin-friendly formula.

Waterless shampoos and shampoo caps are ideal for people who cannot get their heads wet.

Hand Sanitiser and Gel

Antibacterial hand gels and sanitisers are a good way to keep hands and surfaces clean and safe, no matter where you are.

The gels and santisers are available in large pump-action dispensers, or as miniature travel-size bottles.

Our collection of hand sanitising mobility aids ensure your hands stay germ-free, even when you don’t have access to soap and running water.