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Ability Superstore's range of mobility aid watches has been carefully selected in order to help those who live with visual impairments, or other health conditions that might impact on seeing, or understanding, or telling the time, to tell the time.

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If you are visually impaired, or you lose the ability to understand what time it is, our range of adapted watches will help you to get on with your everyday tasks and enjoy your daily activities without having to rely on anyone else to tell you what time it is.

Talking watches are the ideal solution for those with visual impairments, and they can also function as alarm clocks, meaning you won’t have to miss any appointments, or worry about being late when you're meeting friends and family.

Ability Superstore's talking and clear display watches can increase your confidence and independability when out and about, making it easier to live with conditions that affect vision, or make interpreting standard watch faces difficult.

Stylish Adapted Wristwatches

Our adapted watches are as stylish and attractive as any standard watch and are available in styles and sizes for both ladies and gentlemen. This makes them a discreet mobility aid solution that looks good, as well as being highly practical for everyday wear.

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