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Travelling with a Pet

Travelling with a pet is made easier and more enjoyable thanks to Ability Superstore's collection of pet travel accessories. Our range can be seen below.

Here at Ability Superstore, we know that travelling with your pet is just a part of daily life. Whether you’re taking your pet to the vets, out on a day trip, or away on holiday, you want to know that your pet is safe and comfortable and that the journey is as stress-free as possible.

Our Travelling with a Pet range includes dog ramps, which are an excellent mobility aid for pets and owners alike, making accessing a car, or car boot safer and easier. We also have water bottles and collapsible food bowls for eating and drinking on the go, and a range of travel accessories and mobility aids to make car travel with your dog easier and more practical.

Car Travel Accessories for Dogs

Many dogs enjoy travelling in the back seat of a car, but this can cause stress and frustration for owners who may find themselves constantly cleaning pet hair off their car upholstery, or struggling with wet dog smell and stains after rainy, muddy walks. Ability Superstore's range of travel accessories includes products such as seat covers and car hammocks to protect your car upholstery and keep your dog comfortable during your travels.

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