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Ability Superstore’s range of signs can help you clearly signpost and navigate the important areas of your home, or care environment. For people living with medical conditions, such as dementia, even familiar environments can be disorienting and difficult to navigate, but clear signage can help make daily life easier and less stressful.

Easy to Read Door Signs

Our range includes a wide selection of door signs that make it easy to identify which room is which, and where you are. Our signs include ones for toilets, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, amongst many others. With bright colours, clear imagery and bold text, our signs are easy to read and understand. This makes them ideal mobility aids for those with reduced vision, or people who have difficulties with reading, or understanding.

Signs for Care Homes

Our range of signs include options that are suitable for use in private homes, as well as in care home environments.

Clear mobility aids can help people with dementia and similar conditions stay independent and feel comfortable in their daily living environment. They also help residents who are new to a care environment find their way around more easily.

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