Dutch company Rollz brings classic Dutch design to their huge range of rollators, wheelchairs and accessories. 

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Rollz Flex and Rollz Motion

The 2-in-1 designs include the Rollz Motion² and the Rollz Motion Performance. The Rollz Motion² comes in different size options and a variety of eye-catching and attractive colourways. The Rollz Motion Performance is an all-terrain version of the original design and comes in a stunning, matte jungle green. This mobility aid features four pneumatic tyres that can tackle any terrain with ease, making it perfect for people who like to stay active with their rollator.

Ability Superstore also stocks the Rollz Flex Shopping Rollator to make the everyday task of shopping easier for people living with limited mobility, or medical conditions. A shopping trolley rollator removes the struggle of carrying heavy bags and leaves your hands free to steer your rollator, reducing strain and accident risk.

The popular Rollz collection at Ability Superstore also features a number of stylish and practical accessories, allowing you to fully customise your mobility aid to suit your needs.

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