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Pets in the Home

Ability Superstore offers a range of Pets in the Home products to help keep you and your pet happy and healthy. From comfort and safety, to health and hygiene, bringing a pet into your home means there’s a lot to consider, but our range of pet mobility aids can help make your life easier and keep your pet happy, too. Some of the range available can be seen below.

Pet Health and Safety in the Home

The Ability Superstore range of pet care products includes many options. We have raised feeding bowls that are excellent mobility aids for dogs who may have difficulty eating from bowls on the floor. A raised feeding stand also promotes correct posture and aids digestion. We also have heating pads and cooling mats to help your pet maintain its optimum temperature, whatever the weather.

For safety, pet gates can help keep inquisitive puppies away from hazards and discourage older, or injured dogs, from attempting stairs.

Our range also includes long-handled products like the Arms' Length Pooper Scooper. This mobility aid makes easy work of one of the less pleasant aspects of pet care. Also, long reach options make a useful mobility aid for pet owners with restricted mobility. These cleverly designed scoopers remove the need for bending, or straining, and will help to make your life as a pet owner easier, allowing you to safely clean up after your pet with minimum mess, or fuss.

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