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Pet Beds

Here at Ability Superstore, we understand pets are a very important part of the family and they deserve a bed that’s comfortable and easy to keep clean and fresh, just as much as we do. Our collection of mobility aid beds have been designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, and the selection available can be found below.

Our pet beds come in a range of designs to suit you and your pet’s needs, from simple, yet comfortable blanket options, to waterproof beds and elevated ones for dogs with reduced mobility, or health conditions.

Waterproof Pet Beds

Waterproof pet beds are an excellent choice for dogs who need a comfortable place to sleep after a rainy walk, or a bath. With removable, machine washable covers, you can keep your pet’s bed clean and fresh all year round.

Elevated Dog Beds

A raised, or elevated dog bed keeps your pet warm and comfortable and away from cold floors and draughts.

An elevated dog bed is an excellent mobility aid for older dogs who may have back, leg, or joint issues, or dogs who are recovering from injury, or surgery, as the bed provides a firm, supportive surface for sleeping on.

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