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Non Slip Mats & Gripping Aids

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Our range of handy gripping and grabbing aids for elderly and disabled individuals is perfect for making household tasks much easier. Ideal for individuals with arthritis and limited dexterity, we stock items such as plug pulls, reachers and key turners to ensure a solid grip. In addition to these gripping and grabbing aids, we also supply a range of grab rails to help users move around easily. These can be found in our grab rails section.

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Types of Non-Slip and Gripping Aids

When choosing a gripping aid, it's important to know what type you're wanting. 

Key Turners and Tap Grips

Turners are an ideal aid to help with turning keys, taps, or knobs, and are particularly ideal for individuals with dexterity problems like arthritis.

Reachers and Grabbers

Reachers and grabbers are more suited to individuals who struggle with bending down or have less grip. They are available in different variations for different needs.

Plug Pulls

For assistance with pulling plugs out of sockets, our range of plug pulls help you to safely and efficiently remove the plugs, particularly for individuals living with conditions like arthritis or Parkinson's.

Non-Slip Mats

Prevent spills and accidents with our selection of non slip mats, ideal to use as coasters, table mats, floor mats and much more. Ideal for slippery surfaces and individuals with limited dexterity.

Learn more about living with reduced grip/tremors by reading our handy guide here.