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Ability Superstore’s collection of monitors includes monitoring devices for a range of personal needs and requirements. They are designed to keep you safe and living independently, and offer peace of mind and reassurance. We have a wide range for you to choose from, and they are available below.

This range of mobility aids includes pressure and movement monitors, as well as healthcare ones, all designed to keep you safe and give you the confidence to go about your everyday life.

Movement Monitors

Our selection of movement, or pressure monitors, are the perfect mobility aids for vulnerable people, or those with reduced mobility who may be at risk of falls, or wandering.

Our monitors are also ideal for anyone living with dementia, or any other condition that may cause confusion, where leaving the home may put them at risk, allowing someone to provide prompt assistance. This quickness of response can reduce the risk of injury, or distress.

Medical Monitors

At Ability Superstore, we also supply healthcare, or medical monitors, such as blood sugar ones for those living with diabetes, as well as thermometers to measure both body and bath water temperatures. These handy monitors are useful to have as part of a home first aid kit.

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