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Mobile Phones

It seems like there is a new type of mobile phone being advertised every week with new features, apps and buttons. That’s great for some, but for a lot of people, they just want to phone, or text someone, without any hassle. That's why at Ability Superstore we offer a number of practical alternatives. Our range of mobile phones can be seen below.

How Ability Superstore's Mobile Phones Can Help

Our mobile phones are specifically designed to be easy to use and easy to see. They are an ideal mobility aid for anyone with limited dexterity, or reduced vision, or hearing. They offer a simple, easy-to-use alternative for anyone likely to become overwhelmed, or muddled by the endless options presented by modern mobiles.

Ability Superstore's PowerTel phones simplify the various ways of sending messages and make it easy to phone someone. They benefit from the features you’d expect from a mobile phone, like a camera, torch and Bluetooth, but are designed to be easy to navigate and use.

Our adapted mobile phones also have the option of extra loud ringtones and are compatible with most hearing aids, making them perfect mobility aids for people with a hearing impairment.

Accessories such as our wheelchair mobile phone holder allow you to keep your phone easily to hand.

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