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Indoor Steps

Ability Superstore’s collection of indoor steps make everyday living easier. They are an ideal mobility aid for people with limited mobility, making easy work of your daily tasks, such as getting into the bath, or getting into bed, or reaching shelves, or cupboards around the home.

Indoor steps are simple, yet effective mobility aids that help you stay independent in the home and offer confidence when going about your usual daily living activities. Using indoor steps can reduce strain and discomfort when climbing into your bath, or bed, as well as reducing the risk of accidents and falls by providing a sturdy, secure surface.

Height Adjustable Indoor Steps

Our range of indoor steps features a variety of styles and designs including stackable steps, height-adjustable ones, non-slip bathroom ones and step-stools.

Stackable and height-adjustable options are perfect for customising your indoor step to your specific requirements, while our indoor steps for the bathroom combine features, such as non-slip surfaces and easy-to-clean materials.

All of our steps are fully portable, allowing them to be moved around your home as needed. This makes them a versatile living aid that you can use in any room. They all benefit from safety features like non-slip grips to ensure they stay put during use.

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