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Door Entry Systems

Our range of door entry systems makes life easier for people living with limited mobility. These useful mobility aids allow you to find out who is at the door, speak with them and permit entry, or not, all from a convenient location inside your home.

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Door entry systems reduce the risk of falls that may happen if you rush to answer the door for callers, or deliveries. When someone arrives at your door and presses the intercom, you will be alerted and you can then use the handset to talk to them. This means you can either advise the caller to wait until you can safely get to the door, or in the case of visitors, you can also grant access.

The Ability Superstore range of door entry systems includes options with one, two, three, or four intercom handsets. The multiple handset options are ideal for larger homes, allowing handsets to be placed in several locations inside the house, or for apartment blocks, sheltered housing, or shared homes.

Door entry systems are a great mobility aid for people with long-term health conditions, or restricted mobility. They enable you to stay independent whilst improving safety and security inside your home.

Wireless Doorbells

Our door entry range also includes wireless doorbells, which are helpful for people who have reduced hearing. These portable doorbells will alert you to a caller at the door, wherever you are in your home. We also stock flashing and vibrating doorbell pagers for people who are deaf, or hard of hearing.

Other door entry options include our wireless video door phones, allowing you to see callers at the door from anywhere in your home. We also stock door monitors, or perimeter alarms, which will sound an alert when someone moves out of an area, or through a door. These are excellent mobility aids to help keep individuals safe who are prone to wandering.

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