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Bath Aids

We all want our beds to be as comfortable as they can be, so why not do the same for our bathtubs? 

With Ability Superstore's comprehensive range of bathing aids, time in the bathtub will be positive and stress-free, and you can enjoy the many health and therapeutic benefits of a soak.

Bathroom Grab Rails

We have bathroom grab rails that can be attached to the wall, or the side of your bath. They provide a safe, secure grip when moving around a bathroom and getting in and out of the bath, giving you added leverage, support and security.

Bathroom grab rails are a cost-effective way of upgrading your bathroom and making the most of the space you have. They can be positioned in a variety of places and at different angles to suit your particular needs.

Bath Lifts

Safety and healthcare in the bathroom is vital and this is why a bath lift can be a really useful mobility aid to have. All you have to do is sit on the seat and with just one click of a button, it will gently lower you into the bathtub. With another press of the button, you will be lifted gently out of the tub.

Bath lifts are ideal for people living with long-term mobility issues who still want to enjoy a bath and maintain their independence.

Bath Pillows

Battling with the taps and straining your neck doesn't really go hand in hand with relaxed bathing! Our range of bath pillows have been specifically chosen to provide you with as much comfort as possible.

Bath Mats

Your safety while bathing, or getting in and out of a bath/shower should always be paramount. Our range of bath mats will provide you with that security.

We also supply bath shorteners, so no matter how long your bathtub is, you can make it safe and comfortable.

Bath Seats And Boards

Bath seats and boards are mobility aids that will help you with the transition from standing up to sitting down in your bathtub. Most seats and boards are portable, making them ideal for use in healthcare environments, as they can be added and removed, as and when they are required.

Bath Aids At Ability Superstore

We supply a number of bath aids and bathing aids to the NHS and other healthcare providers, including care homes for the elderly, so you can rest assured that we are a trustworthy company based in the UK, who provide high-quality mobility equipment at the most competitive price available.

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