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Our range of alarms have been carefully selected to give you help in many different scenarios, from personal safety to falling over, and many more. There are many options to choose from, and you can find them below.

Alarms enable you to keep living independently and go about your usual daily activities with peace of mind. This makes alarms an ideal mobility aid for those with limited mobility, or those with health conditions that make them vulnerable, or at an increased need of requiring assistance.

Personal, Sensor and Fall Alarms

For those at risk of falls, a fall alarm can alert carers, friends, or family to a fall, so you can be certain of receiving a prompt response.

Panic alarms give you the freedom to go about your everyday life, knowing that you can alert people nearby if you require assistance for any reason.

Other specialist alarms, such as seizure alarms, or bed-leaving ones, can ensure that whatever your personal situation, you will have quick, easy access to care and assistance.

Alarms give peace of mind not only to yourself, but to your friends, family, loved ones and caregivers, too, knowing that you can alert them at the touch of a button. Many of our alarms, such as fall alarms and pressure alarms, can also be used in care settings.

In this range of mobility aids, we also have a selection of alarm clocks, such as talking alarm clocks and under-pillow vibrating ones.

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